Saturday, 13 August 2011

Day Twelve- Dan's First Blog and a Summary by Moi

Hello lovely readers/listeners of The Meta(phorical) Beard blog/podcast! I am called by many names (not just a Mighty Boosh Shaman reference, I actually am known by a few) Dan/Daniel/Roo/Reuben/Dandan/Rooroo/Oi/. I be Sean’s brother who appeared on the podcast with him, if you didn't listen to the podcast then hi *waves*. This probably wont be long or that interesting or to be honest, content ridden. But! What it will be is maybe something about something and most probably just a set of rambly rambles at the momento.

Oh look a Blog...
I’ve been trying to write something for a day in the blog for many many days. I started with a few different ideas, different subjects, different moods, but nothing has really kept my attention longer than 10 mins (and the same will probably happen right now while writing this). The problem with me writing about a subject or an opinion about something is that once I’ve written it, I read it back and think ‘huh yea it wasn't a really big deal’ or something in that floaty A.D.H.D manner and oh look a butterfly...

Picture this right...
So, I’ll probably start doing a quick small illustration for each of Sean’s blogs if i get the time and if they provide me with the mental imagery, so watch out for those slowly being posted. Also we’ll hopefully be doing another podcast soon, it might be the Sunday this time instead of the Saturday so if you liked the first one then you’re in luck, if you didn't then why not? Kidding. We also have some audio that is pretty freaky that I won’t reveal now but while editing we were shocked to find that we may have angered the spirits, so listen in to hear that as we did edit it out to save it for the next podcast but its spo0o0o0o0oky!
As usual we will discuss and round up the blogs from the week before, hopefully we will be cutting down the amount of ridiculous segways (which i can only apologize for and apologize to the people who were confused to why we kept mentioning a 2 wheel vehicle).  I’m going to compile little things throughout the last podcast and Seanisms from everyday life to attack him with for revenge for the winding up I took last time (and yes I was bitten by the dog next door and yes it was horrible and I was scared of dogs for a while, thank you Sean for bringing it up in a comedy sense)

Summary (By Sean)
No problem Dan! I really appreciate my brother covering my arse with this blog, even though it’s a day late. I’ve had a really busy few days doing photography and causing a bit of mischief here and there. I did my stuff at Oliver with Act Now which was a really good show and the afterparty was fun and eventful. I of course managed to offend at least one person *fist pump*. I’ll probably do a blog for that night because it was just quite nuts!

Anyway, big props to Daniel for doing this blog, the man’s a god among lesbian spiders (the liquorish maverick). Day 13 will be posted tomorrow along with day 14 after a few hours that’ll hopefully contain the podcast. The reason why I’m not releasing today’s blog is due to the fact that I just got home and I’m off to watch a few of my lovely friends in a showcase within the next hour or two. Mainly going to watch the improvisation to which I am a huge fan of so, looking forward to that!

Big shout out to all those in the Act Now show for Oliver, I usually hate that musical but it was really well done and definitely something to be proud of. Before the show I taught all the kids (about 5 to 10 year olds) to walk like dinosaurs, and then named them my dinosaur army. They then came up to me while I worked in the wings to say they are doing the performance for the dinosaurs. Never really realised how much power I had, so now that I know! Beware society, you have a new thing to fear (other then steroid addicted Superman).



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