Monday, 8 August 2011

Day Eight- Riots?

Looting “Riots”
Anyone who is currently looting, causing a problem, smashing and burning down peoples livelihoods/businesses in the London riots are arse holes. If you don’t want to read more then just that sentence probably is enough.

Lets go through the reasons to why they might be doing it.

Mark Duggan
Poor bloke was killed by police officers (although he apparently was holding a replica gun at the time). Among a community that already feels they are being targeted by police, they become incredibly disgruntled over the news. This in turn causes a PEACE protest at the station, what followed was of course all over the news. Anyone using this as an excuse in Tottenham has a slight warrant too (on that day, maybe), but there is still no excuse to destroy local businesses, burn down homes and cause grief to residents. But doing that in the name of Mark Duggan in Enfield/Barnet/Hackney/Lewisham/Islington!? No! That is absolute bull shit, they are only using that as a reason to cause criminal damage and havoc. Even the family of Mark Duggan have come out saying that they do not condone these atrocities, so this was definitely not the reason to what has happened/is happening.

“X” Targeting
That is ridiculous as well, even those who have admitted to feeling targeted by police are not condoning these acts of criminality at all. In fact, this is making the situation a whole lot worse, not just for those who feel racially targeted, but also too “youths” and anyone who wears a hoodie. People talked about how England was a big brother society at the moment, imagine what its going to be like after this is all said and done!

As much as I hear friends of mine complain about how they are targeted and stereotyped because of there colour of skin or how they dress, they would never do any sort of thing like smash things up and destroy peoples livelihoods. It’d be a bit like punching someone in the face because they refuse to believe you’re a man of peace. I’ve seen a few twitter statuses blaming “the blacks and asians”, which is wrong, every race is getting involved so enough of that crap!

Social websites
No, just no. Funny thing is, where I found out that MPs are blaming twitter and facebook for the riots was actually on twitter.

Some may say “yeah it’s because we are being oppressed”. Look at Egypt, that was oppression and they have justification for fighting back. But is Ladbrokes really oppressing you enough that you smash the windows and loot the place, is JD sports the evil dictator? Are the people living in the areas that are targeted, trying to live a normal life, the reason for your anguish? No there not. If you feel that the police are causing you problems, that the government aren’t helping you, don’t go ahead and punish those who have nothing to do with it to “prove a point”. We’ve moved on from that mentality. Yes life can be a cruel mistress but there are other ways to express your pain and what we are seeing at the moment, isn’t one of them.

They have potentially fucked everything up for a lot of people. There is going to be so much stereotyping and hate for the “youths” of today now.

There really isn’t a statement worth making in the UK for the people responsible to cling on to. This has lost all other plausible reasoning other then the profiteering through criminality.

The hate train is gathering speed, the tolerant are losing tolerance and the intolerants’ veins are throbbing with anger. I don’t like jumping to conclusions or fear mongering but I’ve got to say, there will be a guaranteed backlash after all this to which we will all feel.

Chill out idea
God this has gotten me a little disgruntled, those of you who are angered but can’t really do anything other then voice your opinion on it, search laughing penguin on youtube in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.




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