Sunday, 28 August 2011

Day Twenty-Seven Oxford, Nan, Impatient (8-2!)

Oxford ahoy! Well I am in the mixed weather but still beautiful Oxford. Unfortunately having to use my Nan’s computer which is so old you have to crank it up on the winch to gain power. It’s so old it’s made out of asbestos and uranium, if you have it on too long it emit’s a green glow. My impatient styling is an unwanted perk in my arsenal, which makes waiting for one page to load, that more antagonising.

How can I miss that!

Talking about Arsenal! 8-2, 8-2! I am incredibly annoyed that I’ve had to miss that match, but MOTD 2 will be on!

Annoyance of Being Impatient

I can’t stand using this computer, if I had better handwriting, I’d write it several times and then mail owls to those who want to read it, with the blog of course, you aren’t having my owls (they were hard enough to pack as it is, in my bag not sexually, you fiend!). I’m currently using a program to write this called Microsoft Works Word Processor. How do I know this is an old program? It doesn’t like the word blog (god, get with the times!). I also have to wait a few minutes for what I’m typing to come up on the screen, I’m half thinking I have to ping it back into position like a type writer! How do I know this is an old computer? The numbers on the keyboard are roman numerals! Only kidding, but it is old. My Nan, god bless her, has the internet explorer pages zoomed in to the point where you have to scroll sideways.

My Nan is Awesome

Everytime I come to Oxford, she always makes my brother and I brownies! I thought that that fact warranted its own section, the truth is scrumptious. Scrumptious is such a funky word, same as popinjay. She is currently watching Charlie’s Angels with an apron saying Hot Stuff (she is wearing other clothes don’t worry!).


Yeah I can’t take this, if I can’t use my Iphone when those Orange turd wranglers switch my sim card over then I will try and make do with this. But I mean come on! I think this is one of the shortest blog’s I’ve done where I’ve had something to say. The difficulty with doing a blog everyday is, it’s a lot of content. So far I think I’ve done about 40 pages worth of constant writing. It’s about a dissertation of pure bullshit! I’d find it fantastic if someone says stop complaining about your slow computer, how do you think people in the olden days used to cope! Yeah that’s a bit like having a car that you have to pedal with your own legs after owning a Jag. Who doesn’t prefer the better of things? I’m not one to be content with below par and this computer is below par! But I am grateful she has a computer, at least she’s trying to get with the times unlike some grandparents that try and burn their kid at the stake for owning a phone (claiming its voodoo or something, true story, I’ve got the marks).





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