Monday, 22 August 2011

Twenty-One- Top Three Non-Obvious Comedians.

Heard an alarming buzzing noise, thought it was the laptop. Turned out it wasn’t the laptop but was coming from my mum shaving my step dads back. Brilliant. Today has been allright just quite frustrating for no good reason. What has ultimately frustrated me in a tiny way is the mental block I am currently having. I just don’t feel capable of having an intriguing analytical thought today, at all. So it’s actually going to be a short one to avoid causing any issue! Here is my top three non-obvious comedians:

Three: Russell Kane

Two: Simon Evans

One: Jon Richardson

Loved Russell Kane as soon as he started doing the fiva usa idents a few years back. Simon Evans was brilliant as the warm up when i went to see Lee Mack. Can't find a really good video of him but still!
Jon Richarson is a sublime comedian and one I kind of relate too the most. Always loved him since he done the radio six show with Russell Howard and I’m really glad he is starting to make a successful career for himself.

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