Monday, 15 August 2011

Day Fourteen- Top Five Things i've Read/Seen on Facebook

This is going to be a fairly short one as I have a lot to do, got a casting for Disney tomorrow so I have to learn lines, learn a song and try to not swear as much. Also I have yesterdays podcast to do as we were doing it yesterday but I completely crashed on it so expect similar today cause I am so ridiculously tired. These are the top five things I’ve read on facebook.

Top Five Things I’ve Read/Seen on Facebook.

Five: Basmati rice
During the lootings, a lot of things were stolen, nothing more ridiculous then just grabbing basmati rice (tesco brand aswell!). He then posted it up on facebook, made it his facebook profile and then made a like group. Obviously he was a man of great humour. To which apparently he has now been prosecuted.

Four: Photoshop Belly Error
This one wasn’t even on the “top ten photoshopped photos” like group as it actually had a friend I won’t name on it. It was her in a bikini except she has used the healing brush on her sides to make her look skinny. It all looked fine except the straight line that the side of the cupboard should have been taking. Could not stop laughing and then I felt really bad, but still laughed anyway, I wonder if she knows? No-one has commented on it and I don’t think I will either, but umm if you’re reading this, change it before someone notices and makes a joke at your expense on a blog or something. And you’re an awesome lady and don’t need the healing brush for anything (good save! Thank you Terry).

Three: Doctor Who Moron
Friend of mine was talking about Doctor Who on his status with a couple of people. They mentioned that the title for the new episode is “Killing Hitler”. Then someone intervines on the conversation and says “I thought Hitler was already dead? :S”. Idiot.

Two: I’m a Super Model
For a few months a girl on my friends facebook was boasting that she is a super model and that she is going to do a photoshoot in May. May comes along, she boasts that she has now done the photoshoot and she can’t wait for the photos to be available. July comes along and she posts them all, she was dead proud and constantly said she was the best person the photographer has ever worked for and that she was now a super model. She even started being really pretentious and arrogant on other peoples photos, always trying to drop in her new catchphrase which was “being a super model”. The thing is, they were all done by a company, a company that you pay huge amounts to too photograph you, which I’m so totally sure all super models would do! Right? Funny thing is, the photos she’s been tagged in lately is her in a Matalan uniform.

One: Church Picture
Found this one today! On facebook they have a feature when they show the picture of  your friends newly acquired friends. One of them was of a girl with hardly anything on. I clicked the photo to see whats gwaning, it was quite a slutty photo of a girl with just a bra on sitting outside a church. She wasn’t the greatest looking but she gained my admiration for effort anyway. But this isn’t the really funny but awkward thing, below it, the mother of the girl had wrote a comment saying “19 years ago my husband and I got married at that church, this is what we produced”. Now that could either go two ways, either she is ashamed of that girl for the photo, or she is super proud. You make a choice about what emotions that makes you feel! Mine’s a little creeped out if it’s the latter.

Need some stand up material when you’re ill, facebook it. Shortest summary ever!!




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