Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Day 10- Top Five Enjoyable Things (No mention of the riots, other then just then)

God hasn’t the news been miserable these past few days?! I have started trying to zone out of it because it’s just starting to make me depressed. We get it, you guys are terrible people, stop being terrible people you terrible people. Although, I do hope these riots wasn’t a calculated attack by Trevor Murdoch to avoid people thinking about hackgate (the hacking scandal involving news international, not the sharpened gate in Peckham designed to chop the limps off postmen in a saw meets postman pat kind of way, cats are evil aren’t they?…Anyway). So as much as the last two blogs have been serious ones (one being about rioting and over exaggeration), I think I’m going to be positive and name all the little things I love in a top five formula. Prepare to get to know me more, recognisseeezzzz. Oh and before anyone is like, but what about acting and friends and stand up and games?! Those are my big things and doing just a top five would not be doing any of those subjects justice!

Top five Small but Still Enjoyable Things

FIVE: Audiobooks
I struggle to hold my attention when I read, I don’t know if there is something wrong with me, but it would take me ages to finish a book because I’d get so bored. I used to love to read, but now I just can’t do it without finding when the chapter ends and then wishing I somehow become absorbed into it (literally). With audiobooks, I can do things while listening to it! If you tested me on an audiobook that I’ve listened to while playing FIFA, I reckon I’d get the same if not more correct answers compared to if I had read it. I just finished Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy (read by Stephen Fry), such an awesome book and now I tend to quote it quite a lot. I tried to listen to Anne Frank's diary on audiobook, but it kept going quiet for some reason.

FOUR: Football
Never really liked football till I left secondary school, which is a shame because all my friends were fanatics. Now I pretty much watch Soccer Saturday religiously and am always up to date on all the transfer news. I’m not an advocate of team rivalry (I think they call me a ball pansy?), but I do like a bit of football banter!

THREE: Mexican Food
Fahitas, tacos, jabronis, all god damn awesome!

TWO: Exercise
Believe it or not, I exercise. Not to lose weight, Crohn’s does that for me. I do it to gain weight/definition and to just feel good about myself. I actually feel weaker and ill if I haven’t done any exercise in a couple of weeks so I try to do it at least two or three times a week. Don’t really see much change but I do feel it. Still can’t cartwheel properly, it just looks like trying to do a handstand with heavy feet.

ONE: Baths
You want get to know me? You want to live with me? You want to hang out with me for extended periods at a time? Then remember this! I love baths cause I’m a bad ass necro gangster ranger. It’s literally the place where I’ll be most relaxed, just soaking away while listening to my ipod (on speakers, I’m not a daredevil). I won’t even speak to people I love while in the bath, even if I’m having a really important conversation! Seriously, I’ve had arguments with people, really aggravating arguments, but I’d then just put that argument on hold to have that bath.
 I love baths, I can’t even swim and I love baths! If the house was on fire I’d probably stay in the bath till I started smelling the smoke. Then I’d probably use the bath water to douse the flames, while remaining inside the vicinity of the tub of course (I’m not an animal).

Sorry if people were expecting about 2 pages worth of daily blog like usual, I’m very tired. But I’ve had a good couple of days though with some lovely people so it’s a well dignified tiredness! Oh if anyone reading has twitter, follow me, a goal of mine for end of this year is to have more followers then I’m following. I say that but I cant help clicking the follow button on all the awesome people using twitter. I mean come on, who wouldn’t follow Colin Mochrie.




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