Sunday, 7 August 2011

Day Seven- Microsoft at the Wrong Time, Word

So I’m quarter of the way through!I’ve enjoyed it more then I thought I would, which is always a nice thing to happen. But, the more I use Microsoft word, the more I realise it really is as stupid as some people say. No wonder the paper clip guy has been in rehab so many times! It does the green line under a sentence and then its suggestion would make it look like it was my first attempt at the English language. If you are too young to remember the paperclip then you’re not welcome on my blog (not kidding! OK I’m kidding). Although, I have had loads of instances of when my spelling of a word has been so bad that Word can’t even think of any examples to what I was attempting to spell.

What Makes blogs Irritating
I think the title goes with writing in general on a computer (if you have seen my actual writing with a pen, you’d understand why I use a computer).
Having mental block on a deadline is really annoying, I’ve been trying to fire these out between a 5-7 window but that hasn’t worked at all.

Having conflicting ideas and trying to avoid causing outrage is another thing that I hate, especially when you have writing block. I literally just had to get rid of doing a blog about riots because I tried to understand it from all angles, but having that approach really punts you in the Perineum. I’m all up for a bit of a challenge, but not one that makes me as angry as some of the rioters. Also if I wasn’t annoyed enough from writing a page and a half of conflicting views only to realise that it’s better off forgetting about it, Microsoft word  then decides to delete letters that are in front of a word I’m trying to retype. So this is going to be a bit of a short blog to avoid me dropkicking my laptop out of a window. It keeps coming and going as well which makes me think “oh yay now I can actually edit my mistakes without losing everything” only to then do it blindly and not realise that I’ve lost about three sentences from a séance type ramble. I’m not even going to risk inserting bracket jokes because if it happens again then I’m going to punch a whale in the urethra.

Don’t want to write, so let’s do a Podcast
Don’t get me wrong, I loved doing the podcast yesterday, it was a ton of fun and it gave an opportunity for my brother to showcase his speaking talent some more (even though about 50minutes of it was me). A reason for doing it was that I didn’t want to write because sometimes it takes ages, completely forgetting how long it takes for a podcast to be done properly! The podcast was 1h 5minutes long, I then had to listen to
it two more times to edit it down and get rid of the truly offensive parts. I then spent an hour and a half setting up a profile on a hosting side and scratching my eyes out with a mars bar because of the hubbub caused from the offer of having it available on itunes, to which I still haven’t sorted! All in all, I started the podcast at 2pm and finished (minus the itunes) at 11:30pm.

Microsoft Word, GFY. Oh and you see that new illustration for my blog? It was done by Daniel, how fantastic is it! I actually thought about how sexy my blogspot site is looking, very happy! It’s all coming together!




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