Thursday, 4 August 2011

Day Four- Ignorant/Narrow Minded People (It does get a little serious)

I think you truly have lost a part of your soul if you find yourself shouting at your computer because of someone’s narrow minded/ignorant perspective. Deep I know. But, anyone who connects David and Victoria Beckham’s recent odd choice of baby name (Harper Seven) to “the impending inevitability of illegal immigrants stealing the tax payers job” (their words not mine) has something wrong with them. So, this will be a blog about the narrow minded views shown by the ignorant. The start of comedic gold, right?

Small scale (Crohns disease?! Pfft, Scone’s ma Knees)
I’m going to start small, and I will work my way up (like my wife! Whatever that means, I think I’m saying she’s a dwarf making her way up a step ladder?). An example of this that I know about was a situation involving a friend of mine with the same disease as me (Crohn’s Disease, ladies form a cue). He was asked "what is Crohn’s Disease?" He tries to answer but a person (we will call her a willy) said “It’s just when you shit a lot” (and she wasn’t joking, I would of let her off is she was). Now don’t get me wrong, it is part of it that many are inflicted with, but there is so much more to it then that. Crohn’s Disease is the inflammation of the bow. It can cause severe pain, make you have some of your intestines cut out and replaced with a colostomy bag and enhances the chances of getting other things too depressing to mention. Not a fun disease. The person she said it to, has it so much worse then me, the poor bloke has to get ion infusions and injects’ himself every two weeks along with being on pills. What she said was ignorant, to dismiss a disease with just a single belief of her own because of her (un)education on the matter. But this is a smaller scale example, not anything worth getting upset about.

I understand that people may not know a lot about Crohns Disease, and I will be doing a blog about it and my experience with coping and that one day.

Larger Scale (Obamainator baby)
An example of this in a larger scale (it truly is about 100x as worse as saying “you just shit a lot”). During the 2008 presidential campaign involving Barack Obama and John Mccain, a number of interviews took place at a rally for the Republican Party. A news team went over and asked members of the rally to why they oppose Obama, I’m not going to say what they said, but I will put the link below. Watch it..

Now, that is narrow minded on a big scale. Fair enough if you understand the other side but you prefer playing for the other team, that’s fine. I’m all up for free will and democracy. But being fed lies that only take a little bit of common sense to realise that they might be wrong, or they might have been a victim of Chinese whispers, that’s not OK. The passion to which they spoke their preposterous and slanderous thoughts is worrying. To think Sarah Palin could gain any power from the 2012 election or anyone with a similar viewpoint because of these people is alarming. The same as any ill educated arse chief who wants' there views heard could then herd up a collection of other ill educated sheep and cause mischief in any country. Also, the name of the youtube video really does say misconception, but hey! Misconception has the word concept in it, concept being an idea, which in turn is a theory! Let’s go with this theory, and keep it a theory! We don’t want the disgusting omnipotence of fact creeping into our minds!
It’s these things that get me down. But I genuinely believe these “free-will hating freedom fighters” are a minority in most civilised countries. There are plenty of over cases that I could discuss and might do over the month, but I just thought I’d choose something old and incredibly obvious to avoid writing millions of words.
Also on a lighter note, Sarah Palin really does show the power of being a pretty woman doesn’t she? If she was a man and revealed she shot bears in Alaska and named her son Track because she likes running, you’d think she was a bit of a nutter. There is another video where people turned up to her book signing, they were then asked opinions on her. They were great with the adjectives but not on her actual policies. Infact, it kind of made it seem they had no clue what they were talking about when it came to the actual important stuff, but hey, that's just my opinion. Link is down below.

Also, doesn’t the guy who says Obama is a wolf wearing the jacket of a sheep and the shoes of a rapist look a lot like Eli from There Will be Blood?!
I understand if people would rather stay ignorant because they are scared of what would happen if they open there eyes. I do that on a small scale when the light reflects on my cup of water and I see dust and hair in it, I just deny its existence and drink it. But sometimes you got to step out of your comfort zone and really learn about what’s on the other side. Try to acknowledge that you’re actually drinking from a very dirty cup. Draw your own painting instead of getting someone else’s tattooed, it’s so much easier to edit that way.


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