Thursday, 18 August 2011

Day Seventeen- Congrats to Everyone, Now Suffer with Big Brother!

By the looks of things on facebook, it seems as though everyone has got what they wanted from their A level results, whish is good. I enjoy the idea of all my friends abandoning me to go university (priorities that’s all I’m saying). Very happy that pretty much all of you got B and above, never mind if you didn’t. You can do what I’m doing at the moment, waiting hours upon hours for photos to upload only to find about 7 hours it’s only done 100photos out of 250. To be honest, there isn’t much point doing a blog for today because about 95% of my audience are probably out celebrating or they’ve got university acceptance ego (to which resorts in the victim having a feeling of worthiness over anything that requires reading, you swines!). Honestly though, congratulations on your big win and I hope you pick up a few more 3 pointers during the time you are at university (avoid and stds though, they might be slightly distracting during lectures!). Very happy for you all and I hope you get into the universities you wanted to get into!

Big Brother
Big Brother is back, unfortunately. I’ve never really liked it because it’s kind of addictive and just trashy television. The people on it will probably make me angry, I say probably because I don’t actually know who most of them are except the girl who was in scrubs and Kerry Katona (unfortunately again). I’m really sensing I’m going to have to try really hard to avoid it! Although, I say I’m going to get angry, just watching Daniel swear is kind of making me think I might not be as distressed as others (“he just said it’s going to make him rip his cock off” so little worried). I say all this but I probably will end up watching it, with subtitles of course.

Just got a few texts saying they saw me on the freederm advert during the Big Brother break, yeah cheers for recognising me in that but not in the actual freederm idents for big brother last year! Here, this is what you might of missed out on. It was a lot of fun actually, killed my knee though, ah good times! Again, congratulations to all for today!

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