Sunday, 21 August 2011

Day Twenty- One of Those Day's (and Why Get Angry at Nothing?)

This might be a short one, it might not. Actually I won’t put it in that bracket I’ll just put it in the “just one of those day’s” category. This is due to my tiredness along with contributing factors of not feeling well at all and others I don’t feel necessary to mention. I won’t go into yesterday night to which is a factor to blame in why I’d probably feel a little bothered/like a mess, but lets just say, it was “one of those nights”.

One of Those Days
This “just one of those days” scenario is a day compacted with tiny mishaps and unfortunate events. So far I’ve managed to forget I had crisps in my pocket when I sat down, got up to fast from a lying position and lost sight for a few seconds and fell up the stairs (not downstairs, I’m not an animal). The best one was when I tried to pump myself up for the day by looking in the mirror and telling myself “it’ll all be ok” (I never usually do that, too scared my reflection will reply with “nothing will be ok until you kill your neighbours” or something to that description), only to notice I had chocolate on the side of my neck, which is bad, but not as bad as recalling the last time I had chocolate was yesterday afternoon. My reaction to it all could be a number of options, all as significant and drama queeny the higher up the metaphorical ladder of options I go. I’ve gone with the option of sighing and then getting on with it (which is how I deal with pretty much all my problems, even when I had a problem about how much I sigh). The one I try to avoid the most is getting angry at something that I can’t change, this is due to the fact that I will gain nothing from getting myself so stressed out about it (F**K YOU LARGE HADRON COLLIDER, WHY DON’T YOU PARTICLE ACCELORATE THESE NUTS WHILE YOU ATTEMPT TO UNDERSTAND THE DEEPER MEANING OF MY GOOCH, anyway.) Actually completely off subject for a moment, comedian appreciation time:

Why Get so Angry at Nothing?
I try not to get angry at the small things, what’s the point of it? It’ll just get me more stressed, which in turn isn’t good for my health or the people surrounding me (when I get angry I have a tendency to roundhouse kick blindly, I don’t actually but can you imagine?! I can, you won’t believe what I just imagined! That’s right, a rhino playing hopscotch on the back of a tiny unicorn, the spike headed cracka). When I see people go all drama queen on my ass and get really angry about the small things, I just get down. Then when they’ve resolved their problems by listening to some depressing music and dropkicking a dyslexic down some alphabetty spaghetti stairs (it’s a featuring trend in Slovakia), they are met with a disappointed smile, as they notice I wasn’t really cool with the outburst.

A problem of mine is that I tend to give people too many excuses, in the sometimes futile attempt to understand the modicum of motivation they had used to be disgruntled. But when it comes down to it, I tend to fall back on the more plausible and consistently correct deduction that they are just over reacting and being a little childish. I just don’t get why people relish in making a big deal out of a little thing. It’s like saying “the car is ruined” just because someone deleted a photo of said car on their phone.

Why can’t people just realise that maybe some things aren’t worth getting angry about? Why can’t we all just notice that when thing’s can’t be changed, then they can’t be changed, no matter how many post-boxes you kick and punch out of primal frustration and built up rage. I say this because I used to do it (get angry, not practice judo on an inanimate objects, I don’t want to be embarrassed when I get my arse kicked by it), but now I just chill. Life is a conundrum, an unexplainable ride of experiences and emotions with no real control over anything with a heartbeat. Surely we all know this, so let’s just make things run smoother, no-one wants another dyslexic kicked down a spiral staircase while they carry books (which they no doubt read perfectly the liars! Kidding)

I’ve decided the “it’s just one of those days” invigilator is a Tyrannosaurus Rex. With this knowledge, I’ve deduced the proclamation that I shall not move all day, and as we all know, good ol’ Rexxy can only see moving creatures (I got that from Jurassic Park, but the more I think about it the more I start to think that it can’t be true, because that’d be so pointless and they’d be screwed travelling near trees. With that and the tiny arms, I’m starting to think they perhaps were disabled nerds and the Spinosaurus mocked them in the locker room after P.E, while the iguanodon dribbled and gave a constant thumbs up. Bullies I say! Bullies! God, I’ve just realised I just did a few jokes for a crowd that is smaller then a Sex in the City Storyline). I can obviously say I was wrong at the beginning, it wasn’t short at all! And for that I say, deal with it! Don’t like it? Well I’m having one of those days (and the blog becomes full circle).





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