Saturday, 20 August 2011

Day Nineteen- Trailer Top Four




“Hey Sean, try and sort yourself out quickly so we can leave early” “OK sure”. Two hours later “Sean, you sorted?” “Yes”. Meanwhile in reality, I’ve gone ahead and wasted about 2hours looking at trailers and not done anything else! So, I thought I’d put it to use by putting up my top four Trailers! There are obvious ones I was going to link but have decided not to. Want to know my obvious ones? New Dark Knight Trailer to which I’m really excited about (Bane looks like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat but I’m really not complaining). Others are Fright Night and the new Johnny English filmoreno. Anyway, my top four trailers of this week!

Top Four Trailers of the Week

Four: The Ides of March
I just couldn't not put this in. I happen to not only be a huge fan of Ryan Gosling and George Clooney (slight man crush on him), but Paul Giamatti as well. If you have ever seen him in Shoot'em Up or Sideways, you’d understand my love for him. So with those powerhouses, along with Philip Seymour Hoffmen, it is guaranteed to atleast be a semi adequate film. This slick film is about an idealistic Ryan Gosling learning all about the dos and don’ts in the dirty game of politics. Probably a possible Oscar contender, if not that then an obvious further stepping stone Ryan Gosling is on to solidify him as a well regarded actor.

Three: Archies Final Project
This stylised documentary style movie has won a ludicrous amount of film awards, understandably as well. It’s got a real Super size Me/Zeitgeist sort of feel mixed with shards of A Scanner Darkly with the cartoon style bits. Gabriel Sunday plays Archibold Holden Buster Williams (I’d feel the same way he does if I had that name) who plans to film his own suicide for his film project, this idea brings attention from all those around him, including the nutty Sierra Silver (played by Brooke Nevin). The film looks entertaining, maybe a little heavy at points but there isn’t anything wrong with that. Would definitely fill the independent craving hole (you filthy devil you). Huge props to Gabriel Sunday, the guy wrote, edited and produced this film!

Two: The Last Circus
This looks mental. Absolutely mental! I know people who have problems with foreign films because of there style and because they just can’t be asked to read (if you feel that way then you are missing out on Guillermo Del Toro movies like Pan’s and The Orphanage along with Rec and Javier Bardem’s Biutiful…Microsoft Word is going nuts at that sentence, the racist). This film honestly looks awe-inspiring and creatively driven in so many directions. It really is admirable in this day and age of movies that suffer from originality and sequelitis (you can get cream for that) that they would have the balls to release this.

In 1937, a "Happy" clown is forcibly recruited to serve in the Spanish Civil War, where he massacres an entire platoon with a machete still in costume.
In 1973, near the end of the Franco regime, the clown's son, Javier, follows in his father's footsteps to become a clown, but he is too miserable to be funny and is instead relegated to play the part of the Sad Clown. There he is repeatedly humiliated by the Happy Clown Sergio for the entertainment of others. Javier later falls in love with Sergio's gorgeous acrobat wife, Natalia. A love triangle ensues between the three of them, and the two clowns engage in a horrific battle with one another (this was taken from Wikipedia, I’m running out of time and the scary clown boner I have is starting to hurt).

One: Tucker and Dale vs Evil
I’m really craving this film, like maoam sugarcoated in crack cocaine. It has a sexy Shaun of the Dead feel to it. This spoof movie has such an original idea, showing the story of the hicks who aren’t actually killing them but have become a centre focus of a series of unfortunate accidents and presumptions (presumptions causing problems? Unheard of in life, sour sour flower power….*shrugs*). Not that I’m saying the mutated hicks in The Hills Have Eyes weren’t killing anyone (chainsaw hug anyone?). The hillbillys are played by Tyler Labine (Reapers) and Alan Tudyk (Firefly, Serenity, I Robot, Dodgeball).

If your goal is to be disturbed by a film then The Hills Have Eyes Two is the film for you! Hell, the first three minutes involving a pregnant lady was disturbing enough, let alone the badger in a gimp mask (not actually in there, a boy can dream though). Anyway, I apologise if you want a further in-depth analysis of these films, I’m not clambering at excuses like a child with a bloody knife and a new furry jacket, but I haven’t watched the movies yet so will probably be able to really go into the Mise-en-scène on a later date. Have a good weekend my beardy weirdies (that’s right, you got a name now, so off you go and frolock!)

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