Friday, 26 August 2011

Day Twenty-five Happy Go Lucky Goth

What an eventful but lovely day it’s been, minus the weather. I had two castings today, one of them I will now be working on next week woop woop, get to meet Derren Brown! The other casting was a strange experience, which will be all explained below along with a little trouble I may have got myself into, enjoy.

Happy Go Lucky Goth
I got the casting yesterday for a thing called Kinkley (trust me, the amount of jokes that had run through my head when I was told could of got me arrested). If I were to get it I’d go to Tel Aviv in Israel for four days. I was a little bit worried about that because of the recent troubles in the vicinity and to calm me down, my brother said “you probably won’t die”, which is not comforting at all! I like my chances of dying to be so low that it won’t even be a respectable probability, not to mention I’d be dressed as a Goth if I get it, so that’ll really go down well with the locals.

After that I calmed myself down and I was kind of up for going there and doing it, except in the email it said that I had to dress like a Goth and wear as much make up as I can. So I put on my blue jeans white tshirt and for the Goth aspect of my clothing, a leather jacket? Now on hine sight, that’s not Goth at all but I had another casting an hour later so it had to do. I get there; they all look similar to me so it made me think maybe this won’t be a waste of time. I get into the casting and she well, she wasn’t happy. Anyway, I get out and see these 6ft 2 Mohican wearing tattoo and big boot stamping Goths. If they were my competition, I think I stand a pretty good chance…

There really isn’t anything Gothic about me, I do look a bit pastey sometimes but that’s because I bathe in paste, sexy paste. But don’t judge me though; I’m just a bit Kinkley.

Stop Laughing at my Disabled Child!
I was walking around Leicester Square after my second casting, slightly bored as I knew I’d have to wait at Euston for my train. I thought I’d do it in a place where people don’t pass wind and then do circles round you, or where I won’t get shouted at for eating Burger King because the company are testing the food on African babies (which surely they'd be grateful for if it was true?).

After a while I started to notice people who had press passes for a local horror film festival, so I played a little game where I just counted how many I saw before I got to the staition, this is when it happened. I had noticed a boy wearing a long jacket, big red scarf with tassels on it and a hunters hat. There was just something about it that I found hilarious and couldn’t help looking incredibly rude as I attempted (and failed) to hold in my laugh. I tried to avoid looking at him as he walked past so I looked into the distance and just starting laughing. Unfortunately that “distance” contained a handicapped child who had dropped his ice cream. When I realised, I felt so bad, and as I walked past them the mother literally peered into my soul. I wanted to apologise but I reckoned that if she actually didn’t notice my mistake then it would look a whole lot worse if I went up to her and said “sorry I wasn’t laughing at your handicapped daughter struggling to pick up her ice cream off the floor, I was laughing at a boy with a funny hat”.

Maintaining a perfect thing is always hard to do, which is why I really wrench myself about when I feel as if something isn’t adequate. I tend to react quite badly inside if a casting hasn’t gone right or a blog isn’t up to the hardships I had previously put myself in to get it right the day before. I just hope that the ones that I feel aren’t adequate in my eyes are up to par in others, the same with everything else. I really do rip myself a new one if I feel as if I haven’t done as well as I could or should. So on that note I bid you a due and I hope everything is going well for you, just you, you saucy bugger. 





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