Saturday, 27 August 2011

Twenty-Six Top Three Terrible Tadverts

After spending the whole morning watching television, I’ve taken an administrative decision to do a top three terrible adverts. Because we all need to be reminded about it from time to time!

Top Three Terrible Tadverts

Three: National Accident Helpline
You want jokes about her fringe? Look on facebook. My status feed blew up with constant jokes about how level and ugly her fringe is. The guy in the back really looks like he couldn't give a f**k.

Two: Windows Personal PC Store
What the f**k have you done to my home! I think this is the opposite of looting, setting up a shop in a home.

One: That f*cking piece of shit Mazuma Mobile Advert
An advert has never made me so angry! It’s the cheesiest most outdated piece of shit. I’ve done terrible adverts because I need the money, I’ve worn corsets and hip hop danced, I’ve worn a gimpy ninja suit and I’ve advertised a DVD game, but this would be way to far to be do. Firstly to put me in those clothes, give me a big dick head hair style and then make me dance like a right shit eater? Hell no. This is for Mazuma mobile, not outdated presumptions of what’s cool. On a lighter note, how much do you want to bet the girl in this is about 40 with 3 kids? Not that she looks like she is but it’s just something so suprising it probably would be true. When I did MI High, their was a lady who was playing the same age as me who was 32! The person I feel sorry for in this advert are the two poor poor actors (poor in monetary and the other way). The production is terrible, the idea is terrible, This is for the “environment” and yet they are out this mushroom cloud of crap.

Yeah I might be getting a little bit annoyed by Mazuma Mobile, but allow me this one thing and I'll go back to being all dilly dally.


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  1. That woman in the National Accident Helpline advert fell like a sack of shit.