Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Day Fifteen- Casting Realisation and the Reebok Facehugger Situation

God damn it, I am so tired! The fact that I have insomnia probably isn’t helping the situation but I mean come on!! My casting today was in Gunnersbury which is near Richmond so it was quite a journey. Also I was being an idiot because I decided to go from Bushey to Harrow and Wealdstone station only to get the same train I could of got from Bushey. If you’ve ever witnessed a man lose an argument to himself, then you really missed out on this opportunity. Telling yourself “I told you so” really isn’t as effective as telling someone else. Anyway, I get to the casting and something happened that I have never been apart of before.

Casting Today
Usually I’m the youngest looking, the youngest in age and the smallest, but not this time. They looked my age or older, there was one girl who looked about 26 except, she was turning 16 in a month? I turn to the other guys I was doing the script with to say how stunned I was, it turned out they were 14 and 16! It was like going to a club with a girl only to find out everyone there were made out of marzipan (or something to that description... Stop looking at me like that! You know what I mean't). To add salt to the sack, I recognised the producer, I had worked with him on a Disney xD show about two years ago, so I say “hello haven’t seen you in ages”, the other two said “oh you guys know each other” to which the casting director says “Sean’s been around for a long time”(possibly a sexual joke to which ironically I was to young to understand, that and probably because I clean my mind at Disney castings from the usual dirty abyss stained carcass my mind seems to live off of). It made me laugh but I kind of felt like the old dude in the situation, like I’m Tim Westwood surrounded by all these aspiring (werthers original) rappers, except this time i was going for the same job as them. It was really surreal, one I didn’t cry over as I took it all in as a new experience. One I think I’m going to have to get used to as I’m not getting any older looking (till that beard fires it self out like a self projected bar of soap from a man with lubed hands)

It’s not the weirdest experience I’ve had at a casting, weirdest was for a Reebok commercial where I had to make out with a girl (which was weird enough because i thought a girl was a certain type of bread…). I was making myself ready for a normal actors make out sesh involving no tongue but it didn’t really work out as I thought it would… She literally ate my face (I had to wipe lipstick off my ears, that’s how wrong it was). You aren’t suppose to feel tongue but it was pretty much inevitable. I felt it on my cheek and she wasn’t aiming to do that, she just had her mouth so wide open that it seemed to jump out at the opportunity to escape the dreaded teeth infested cave. It was honestly like a face hugger scene from Alien.
Literally it pretty much felt like this

I think I’ve done OK in my career so far, although I really want to do much better and I want to be working more. The wait kills me and my patience fluctuates so drastically that I’ll be ok with waiting for a casting one day and another I’ll be tearing my hair out (which makes it all the more poignant when I turn up to a casting looking like I only get let out once a month). I do seem to get less excited then others when I get things though, it’s probably because I’m very English, Although saying that, I get really excited when other people have good news from the acting (or anything) front, people are awesome, especially my friends and they deserve every little good thing that happens to them, they’ve been super supportive for me and they deserve the same back cause they are lovely lovely ladies and gentlemanz.




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