Monday, 29 August 2011

Day Twenty-Eight Disgruntled

IntroductionYou want a slightly disgruntled blog? Well let me embrace you with a friendly hug then squeeze your rib cage, as this is one disgruntled bloggy huggy jumble of words. I love humanity, I love our capability for infinite amounts of possibilities and our thought process to which can create modicums of human decency and common sense. It’s those who spurt shit into our atmosphere just to corrupt it, those with nothing else to do other then to be hurtful or ignorant or angry at the world for no good enough reason. These knuckle dragging teddy bear rapers are the bane of my life. So far today, I’ve managed to surround myself in these pet peeves in one way or another. To add to my aggravated way of thought, I’m still in Oxford and am using the slothputer. I’ve even gone ahead and grabbed my jogging watch just so I can look at it while waiting for the writing to come up on this blog.

Wesayanything.comI’m going to be as generalised as possible with this, I understand that it takes away from the imagination but for reputation of name’s sake I shan’t be going against the code of this blog.
I can’t stand those who fire out extreme right wing views and show no mercy about it all. Things like saying all the rioters should be killed is a little harsh, demanding the lockerbie bomber should suffer even more for the things he’s done even though he is in a coma from cancer is harsh (no bit about it). I understand the man has done terrible things but I think being in a comatose state due to cancer is enough punishment. Also to swear and blame certain races for the cheating that had happened in the hurdle competition at the WAAFA world sports competition (I know WAAFA is wrong, that’s an Algerian political party but you know what I mean). If you don’t know, then second place had grabbed hold of the guy in first place and first place falls back a bit for the guy in second place to win. To swear at that even though the story is about him doing it and then being disqualified. Maybe fair enough but to then watch the highlights to the race afterwards so you can swear and generalise, while still knowing the actual result of the race after the judicators had finished deciding what to happen?

Face Value with no Common’mjustaroundtocauseaproblem

Really is so annoying to say something completely harmless and then to be taken to court about it even when it had nothing to it. Especially those sayings that you are surrounded by every day, to then say it to someone else and even though common sense would take grasp here and announce its completely harmless, they still twist it into something to argue. To cause anguish and pain on a relatively nice day! Not that I’m speaking from personal experience (had a really nice old mans walk as well, nearly got punched in the face by a squirrel, but that’s because I ate it’s babies ((I didn’t, ooo a bracket within a bracket, must be past first date terms then)). These people are so boring and really out to cause a problem, maybe for attention or maybe because anger gives them wood. Fair enough if it was a misunderstanding, but after explaining what was originally meant to still continue and cause friction, GFY.


Just to let you know, I’m no longer as annoyed as I was previous. This is because I have hammered my family at cards, 3 TIMES! God I love playing cards, if anyone wants to play texas hold’em poker or 21, I’m in!

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