Friday, 14 October 2011

Ah god, he's back doing Blogs again- Anti-Climax and What I'm Up To.

Fuck the system.

Right well, look at me, I’m back doing ze blogs! Everyone happy? Not if you were/will be offended by my blogs. Which I find quite funny, seeing as though I don’t normally address a specific person in my blogs, but more the act of said “wrong-doing”. To be offended by it is to admit you’ve done it before, am I right? Anyway, so I’m back, going to be trying to do this once a week at the least, it’s something to keep the mind from letting go (No Jack no! Keep holding on, rescue will be here soon). So this blog will be about what I’ve got planned and the true way of living in a world of the anti-climax! If that doesn’t sound exciting enough, here’s some space created with the space bar                      !

I’m Sorry, I Seem to of Anti-Climaxed an Old Person on you
If you need a definition towards an anti-climax, watch England play football. Too sporty for you? Buy anything with the word “super” in it, or this blog. I live a life of the anti-climax, as an actor I go to castings for (mostly) amazing projects and then not get them. But without the slight hope or dream of getting it, there really isn’t any point of trying out for it.

Something I’ve found to be an anti-climax (to no fault of it’s own) is Twitter. I thought it’d be magnificent, as a friend of mine convinced me it’s the greatest thing in the world (which wasn’t hard to do as I was previously blown away by the invention of trampoline walls (they are just trampolines placed at an angle, but still!)).

I wouldn’t have joined the lovely world of Twitter if someone hadn’t told me it’s the greatest thing since sliced Gerbil. So imagine my dismay when it didn’t live up to the hype and was a huge anti-climax in comparative to how he was describing it. It is no where near as great as people say it is, but, I still like it. Yes, things like toast, Twitter, Colin Farrell’s acting and can be overhyped, but they are still good enough to look at (and maybe taste? The toast anyway, Twitter would taste like girl sweat for teenage celebrities and Robbie Savage’s tears). I’ve even started using Twitter properly, with hash tags and everything, but so far I haven’t really seen a solid reason to use them, as I’m not a 1direction or Justin Beeballs fan.

It is either people are becoming fantastic promoters or I just have quite a high idea of things that’d be rated a 10/10. But it’s not like I hate everything, or think everything that has ever been made is a dirty shit-eater. It’s not like that at all, I’m very happy about most things in life, in fact, I’m a firm believer that Doritos are perfect and my fat ipod is the best Ipod I can get (on that note, R.I.P Steve Jobs).

Yes, maybe everything is an anti-climax in a way, but what would be the point of having any adventure in life if everything was perfect?

Life, Life Life Life
Talking about anti-climaxes! I’ve got a little game for you all. I recently did the promo (with other people of course) for the new Derren Brown show. According to a few of my lovely supportive friends, the advert is now live on telly, so if anyone else finds it, tell me so I can watch it on +1! (YouTube isn’t the same). But that isn’t the game! Apparently there are going to be billboards that have my face in it, if you can get a photo of one, or you pointing at one, or multiple posters in different places, or a tiny cat sunbathing on the shell of a turtle, then you will win a prize! Haven’t thought about what it is, but it will happen!

Things I’ve got planned? Well I’m going to be doing this every week, maybe every Thursday? Will see, but! Here is the news that some of you will be excited for, others would probably be a bit confused by it. I’ve recently bought the devices/software to record me playing video games (stay with me, like my wife). So I’ll be putting up footage of me playing video games up on YouTube, with voiceover/narration by myself. So basically, I will be treating it as a podcast with maybe some comments on how the game footage is going. It’s another platform for me as I am a regular player of games and I like to joke around, so I don’t see why I shouldn’t combine the two and potentially earn money from it (get enough views on your YouTube channel and you start being paid for advertisement and such, so much so that you could probably gain the equivalent monthly earnings of working a 5hour job everyday, why aren’t other people doing this!). So if you are interested in games, watch and listen, if you don’t like games but like a good joke in a short podcast format, have my voice in the background while you are on facebook or whatever it is you people do. It’s a win win situation for me, and you!

Also, I do photography properly now, so if anyone reading needs headshots then I suggest you get in contact with me and we will talk prices, mine are ridiculously cheap, for now!

Sean, what are you doing with all this money? Is it going towards anything? Cocaine mainly. That and I’m saving up to moving out and I want to try and get an agent in America (through going there after getting in contact with agents that desire to use my face, not by buying myself into one, never do that, it’s a scam!) without borrowing money from my lovely parents.

Will do a blog about the Derren Brown Promo, it was a prime example of why I’m terrible at dance and how Derren Brown could potentially hate me for accidently sounding sarcastic.

Also I’m going to be doing a blog about my adventures in “improving” myself. I know, I’m as worried as you are.

Plus! Expect a very ranty blog about those who think it’s there right to feel they are better then others even though they haven’t accomplished anything! Needless to say, it potentially could be awesome, or an anti-climax (it all comes full circle, bit like a wank in a roundabout, have you missed me?).

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