Sunday, 27 May 2012

2 Pilots 1 Episode

Well, I know I said “I’ll be doing a blog a week at the least”. It wasn’t a lie, exactly. You see, I went on a canoe trip and for some silly reason, people thought I was dead! What are people like these days! I can’t look my sons in the eye, but still.

My 2011 was a dark time in my eyes. I guaranteed my mum not to worry about me not going to university as I had such a good 2010 (acting job wise). “It’ll surely continue” I proclaimed with hopeful vigour, it did not. I did 3 commercials in 2011. Obviously I’m grateful for being able to do 1 let alone 3, but they were so spaced apart that money was getting really short and my confidence in the arts was starting to crack. With that and a combination of other situations not connected with acting, created a whirlpool of sadness for my opinion on the year of 2011.

November-December hit and I was looking at universities and drama schools along with Open University courses. But, while doing that, I started getting a string of nice auditions and recalls which made me think “maybe 2012 won’t be so mean to Ol’ Sean”. And I was right (I’ll pay you up front Santa, you are in for one hell of a treat!).

I’ve been lucky enough to get 2 pilots and an episode of an upcoming series by Hat Trick Productions (and it’s only May!).To all who have supported me, I love you and will continue to love you. Let’s hope it all continues so I can make you all proud and then be able to give back as much as I can (Crohn’s is getting it in the face!). So here's a little bit more information on what I've been up to/going to be doing in the next few months acting wise.

BBC 3- Some Girls by Hat Trick Productions
I filmed Some Girls on random days during February-March and it was an awesome experience. The crew had a really chilled presence about them, which was matched by their friendlyness and fantastic sense of humour. If the crew became a woman, I'd date her (I couldn't put that any other way). I played a character called Jo who turns up in the last episode (really trying my best to be as unspecific as possible!). I tend to get the broody roles, so this character was a breathe of fresh air for me. He was a really awkward nerd-like dude (they made me use my actual glasses for the character, I was so upset by this definition of my own ocular face wear that I set fire to them in defiance! Should of taken them off first, but still. They got my point, viva la reveloosheon!). Expect this comedy about inner city kids to hit BBC 3 later this year!

'CB News' Pilot
I never really believed I got this until a few weeks before filming. When going into the casting and recall, I had taken the "I'm just going to have fun" approach. I do feel that specific approach is the best way to go about a casting. What's the point of doing any castings if you aren't enjoying them? (Trust me, you have to find it fun as an actor due to the fact that you will be doing hundreds of them!).

This is a BBC 3 pilot that will be going online for now. This show is by a well respected, BAFTA award winning photographer/cinematographer called Alison Jackson. If you see pretty much 3/4 of any humourous celebrity lookalike publication in the newspapers, it will usaully be done by her.

Here’s a simple but brilliant example of her previous work. What I love about this is the Wii Controller in his other hand!

My Dad thought it was just a really green background at first look.
No, I didn’t play a lookalike for Chris Hemsworth silly! I was a mock presenter that sits at a news desk with a gorgeous co-presenter lady called Pips Taylor (who did the documentary ‘I Never said Yes’ as part of the crime season on BBC 3), we then spoke as if the footage we received is real. It was a nice experience to do presenting for a change; I’m starting to think we should all get autocue for life in general!

Also, (a little bit of excitement for my own purposes) I had a lengthy conversation with Geri Dowd who was the studio director for this show and loads of huge panel/impro shows like Whose Line is it Anyway, Mock the Week, Have I Got News for You and Fast and Loose! So yes, I had a huge comedy information splurge about it all. Just so you know, when she spoke about Mark Leveson and Dan Patterson, I did say the line “well if they ever need an improviser…” in a strange voice, to hide the desperation created from the desire to be on one of their shows.

'Untitled' Pilot
I had about 4 recalls and 2 screen tests (from the span of September-March) for this before it was confirmed that I’d be playing a main called Gilbert. It’s just a pilot at the moment (which I will be going to Paris at the beginning of June to film). If all goes to plan and I remain Gilbert after the pilot (huge fingers crossed I will), then I possibly will be away in Paris for 13 weeks to film 26 episodes! What I’ve loved about this process so far is that they let me improvise, even during the second screen test. I did a scene with a character called Jack (played by Tim Lawrence) and we added about an extra 30 seconds to the scene, it was really good fun! Everyone (as clichéd as it will sound) is lovely on this, the jokes were flying about after half an hour of hanging out which is always a good sign. I’ve also been given tiny artistic licence as I’m allowed to impro a little bit on set as well. I’ll see how many euphemisms I can get in without being told off (the kids will love it, if you know what I mean). I’d really like to go into more detail about it but as I said, it’s just a pilot at the moment and even though it looks likely that it will be more then that, I’m still going to play it safe and be annoyingly unspecific as possible. Either way, incredibly grateful to be part of it!

Own Short Film "A Letter of Gratitude"
I have finally made my own short film (directed, edited and produced by Ryan T Watson. Basically, I wrote and starred in it but really I did nothing!). It’s called ‘A Letter Of Gratitude’ and it stars an upcoming talent called Wallis Day. It’s about a boyfriend’s letter to his girlfriend thanking her for putting up with him. That is what it’s about on the outline anyway, if you watch closely and follow what is being said over the narration then it’ll reveal a story within itself! It was loads of fun to do and my house looked like a genuine film set as Ryan brought lighting equipment! This will probably be available for viewing june-july time.

That's right, I gots my own sign. The artist who did this is of course my brother (Twitter @reuillustration)
I’m always looking for interested Actors/Directors//Producers/ Insert funny sounding job title like "ball cleaner" or "tally wiper"/Make up artists/Floor Runners, so if you’re interested in any way shape or form then email with your CV and such.

Thank you to all that have been reading this and supporting me throughout the last 4 years. I can’t say how happy I am to have a really supportive set of family and friends. And to all future engagers in welcoming kindness, I thank you as well. I’ve never really been one to get all emotional/reveal any emotions but it genuinely makes me smile in knowing you guys are around. Hopefully I can do things for you and we can build a better world by finally removing the blood of the blaspheming white people off our shaking han…. I mean umm, bubble wrap for everyone! Also, I know I’m quite hard to get in contact with, I’m not used to being this busy! I go on Facebook about once a week but I’m on Twitter (Click here to take you to my Twitter, I do all the work for you because you look nice in that new t-shirt!) all the time, so find me on that if you don’t have my digitilicleases. 

Goodbye, you gorgeous thing you. 

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