Saturday, 17 December 2011

Details on the Casting for the Short Film i'm Doing/Involved In.

Well hello there, I said I’d throw this out on Friday but I had such a busy day and I was knackered by the time I got home so, here it is.

The Short Film

What it’s About
The short film is based on a letter sent from a boyfriend to a girlfriend thanking her for everything she has done for him. It all starts with the girlfriend coming back from a bad day, and then while in bed restless, she looks to the letter to make her feel better. The letter will act as narration spoken by the boyfriend. It then cuts to moments referred by the letter and other more subtle parts. It does mention one or two specific parts but it’s to create substance for the characters (without it being too specific that it becomes un-relatable, which is the opposite of the goal). It’s a nice little 2-4 minute script that would require the girlfriend to be able to do a naturalistic and believable performance. She won’t have lines so it will literally be all about the acting. Even though she has no lines, she is the main and will be in all of it. There is a little twist at the end because I can’t help it (it’s like a problem), but overall it’ll be a really fun project and one I can’t wait to do. Be it if all heads agree that we find the correct girl/team.

Intent/Desired effect
I wrote it as not a way of praising my girlfriend as I’m not in a relationship. I’ve wrote it with the intent of being a nice little pick me up piece that those who watch it may remember good times and be happy. That and it’s quite sweet and eloquent so even if you don’t have anything relatable to it, it’ll still give you a lift anyway. The main goal is to make people happy and smile (without it being super simple, I can’t do simple unless it’s a drawing, stickman anyone?).

So if you want in as the girlfriend then I suggest you look at the criteria below then email The casting WAS going to end on Monday but it’s looking like it is going to be extended for “internal reasons” to which aren’t in my control. But that’s not to think you have time, you don’t have much time. Also if you want to help out with anything then email the same email and we will take it from there. Just remember, things like this happen with cooperation. But their will be a lot more on that subject in a few months time! So check the criteria guys, if you fit it then that’d be awesome, if you know someone who does then that’d be awesome as well. Oh and one of the reasons why their isn’t major specifics is, although I do actually have a complete look in my mind, we all want to give everyone a chance and I don’t mind being proven wrong at all.

Playing age: 17-21
Height: 5ft 4- 5 ft 8 (if you’re shorter then 5 ft 4, email anyway if your playing age is defining enough)
Easy on the eye but not model like
Acting experience via camera isn't a necessity
Acting experience overall isn't required but preferred
Email with CV, headshot and any queries

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