Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmas, Phil's Awesome Present and Details about the Short Film

Christmas Cheer
Mans’ need to make people happy isn’t inherently instinctual, neither is it a requirement, but in my eyes, it should be. As we all slowly get older, most of us start to turn slightly senile and resentful as past experiences scar us. I have that sort of thinking during Christmas time. Why? That’s another story and it applies with birthdays as well. But this time, it’s different. I haven’t discovered “faith” I’m afraid but I have started to really get hold of the message. What message? You say, and those of you who did are terrible people or just haven’t grasped the true nature of said holiday cheer. It is about giving, not receiving. Or to “give and not to count the cost” as those Catholics would say. I am genuinely excited about Christmas, not because I can’t wait for my gifts (although they are still very much appreciated!), but more giving the presents I have bought to the people I love. I seriously am excited about giving my brother a certain present that I saw on Amazon, I was all like “you better get that, you cracka”. The joy, whether it lasts a minute or a few days doesn’t matter, it’s knowing I made that happen (I don’t mean to brag but, I am a seriously awesome gift giver! I dress up, do a little dance and then give them the coal, or if you want to get satirical, a euro). So expect some Christmas cheer (without the religious aspect for me but that isn’t because I despise religion. I admire anything that makes a person good and obviously hate the opposite).

Phillip Dawson Appreciation Society Volume 1
Creative gift giving is sometimes hit and miss. Sometimes with presents you strive for the unique, something to be memorable and possibly folk-tale worthy. Well, breaking the running theme of telling a little story from my past that can’t really be seen in a positive light, this is a bright little praise for my friend Phil.

If you get to know me, you’d learn that I say a lot of random things. But on this day, Phil took note. I jokingly told Phil that I wanted a poster of him with his thumbs up in my room to act like a dream catcher for Christmas, Phil laughed, paused for a second and continued the conversation. And you won’t f******* believe what he’s gone and got me!?
 I couldn't put it on the top wall of my bed as it kept falling off and smashing me in the face while I attempted sleep. So I've opted to putting it facing the door to wish those who enter luck and to warn off ze Germans.

It’s going to take a lot of explaining if I get visitors, but it’ll be worth it. So I just wanted to dedicate that little section to Phil just to say thank you very much, you’re an absolute legend and your humour deserves a podium (or a stage, hmm Phil! Think about it!)

The Little Short Film (Not About Dwarves)
I’m going to be writing more about the little short film I keep tweeting about in a blog post on Friday. I’ll give you a little bit now before properly writing about it. It’s a script I’ve made and will be co-directing with some friends and acting in it as well. It'll be be shot in about a day, might be a long day just to get everything sorted but it’ll be fun and a good experience. No pay just to throw that out there (if you couldn’t have guessed). But, it would be a really good time as the script is slightly challenging for the girl being casted, they’d be pretty much the main thing for about 95% of the film and it’s all naturalistic. So if you’re a lady and you think that sounds like something you want to give a go then have a look at the casting requirements. Just to warn you, I don't have much power on the casting of it, just incase you thought I did! Deadline for cv sending is this weekend so please don't leave it to the last minute.
Playing age: 16-21
Height: 5ft 4- 5 ft 8 (if you’re shorter then 5 ft 4, email anyway if your playing age is defining enough)
Easy on the eye but not model like
Acting experience via camera isn't a necessity
Acting experience overall isn't required but preferred
Email with CV, headshot and any queries

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