Friday, 18 November 2011

S2 Ep1- Name Change and a Frankie Cocozza Joke (god i'm so relevent)

I know I know, what’s happened to the title? Well I felt that I had to change with the times and as my old title didn’t really have any serious undertones at all, I thought this new one would! “Ripping Water”, sounds like a song in the next Razorlight album doesn’t it? I felt it was quite poetic and theoretically impossible to do, which always adds to the beauty of the imagery (and it’s just quite fun to say!) I didn’t want to just name it “Sean Joseph Young’s current blog” as it sounds a bit plain. “Ripping Water” sounds quite mysterious and hasn’t got a strange joke connected to it. I’ve even tried to make a joke out of it, something under the lines of “I’m so ill, I’m ripping water”. But it isn’t funny enough to be conceived as a joke (so you’re welcome to steal it, you know who you are). I tried other titles that I hoped would have a serious undertone, but after a while I realised most of them didn’t have a serious undertone, just more of a homicide next door kind, the kind of undertone a tent at a horse event would cover up (too dark? I think you may have to get used to it I’m afraid!).

Honest Opinion
 I’ve always felt my blogs lacked something (a loving carer I guess, the current one spits in my soup), it was about ¾ fun and games and ¼ serious. I tried to balance it out when actually; I shouldn’t try to balance it at all. I should do whatever the shit I want! Obviously I’m still going to do the whole “no names” thing (unless you’ve been really bad, watch out for next blog as I give Hitler a right cheeky ribbing). If I want to throw out some honest revelations in my life to you all then I should, if I think Kirsten Stewart looks like a 13 year old boy with her hair tied back on that horse in the new Snow White trailer (which looks freaking awesome by the way, and I still would get to know Kirsten Stewarts parents. When her hairs’ down she’s freaking cute, I can overlook the 13 year old boy thing, or embrace it? Living the dream), then I’m going to say it with no paedophile jokes whatsoever (cough). Let’s just all have fun, don’t turn your nose up, just embrace it at all. Offence is choice not genetic, humour is a social thing, so come on, let’s have a metaphorical beer and smile.

Think of this name transition as Season 2 of my blogs. I got a lot to tell you guys and, as it’s going to be more irregular then Frankie Cocozza’s heartbeat, I won’t tell you an exact date. Just think of it as the good ol’ times when Christmas was just when you felt a bit generous some days, and not a set day when Jesus decided to be born’d so his big fish corporate friends could earn money from you all being forced to fake a smile and act sincere about a present you receive, not because you hate the present, but because that present was the present you gave them last year, who in turn gave the same fake smile the year previous because it was shit. Or something.

Follow me on Twitter, one of my goals was to get more followers then how many I’m currently following (I can’t help pressing the follow button on certain people, and in Twitter). As payment, every 20 people I get following me is a + on the number of hit songs titles I’m going to add onto a big old list, which I’m then going to have to try and quote during a clueless date (I’m fucked), while being video’d of course (as much as I like personal enjoyment enjoyed by the few). @seanjosephyoung

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