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CB News Update, Plus Lion Fighting.

Hello all! It’s been a good few weeks since I last blogged. What I left you with on the last blog was an update about the three projects I was/am involved in. This blog will be used to give minor updates about two projects, as well as a major update on “Celebrity Bitchslap News”. Hope ya enjoy, if not, I’ll punch this Lion till you do

Also, just as a warning to those who like to look at pictures, their will be a lot of pictures in this blog. I guess warning is a bit of a strong word, but I have been working out (yes, I just used wordage to allow me to show my pride in working out. Without showing photos of course, my hands are too greasy from the chips to use the camera).

Minor Update About the Untitled Pilot and Some Girls

Some Girls
Some Girls will be coming out September/October time on the lovely channel of BBC 3. I went to the screening of the 1st and 6th episode (6th episode being the one I’m in). Their is always nerves when watching a show that you’re in, but this s*it was gooood. It’s not something I’d show the older members of my family, but it’s funny!

Also, for the last year and a half I have been compared to Simon Amstell, looks wise and when I do my high voice. I have now finally noticed it after seeing my massive face on a massive screen during the screening (which was a massive mouthful to say out loud). I may of missed the rest of the episode thinking about it, but at least I've noticed it now. Even one of the editors after (watching both episodes) asked if I was related to him… The ****. But I actually really don’t mind (and no, that’s not the same "I actually really don't mind" when a guy finds out his ex has a new bf “No I’m fine, I really don’t mind, I really don't care anymore” *burns photos and cries in corner of bus*). Despite myself, it’s an incredibly lovely and talented cast who will no doubt make you fall in love with them like I have!

Untitled Pilot
I went to Paris (Oooo va doo) to film this and I had a really good time (minus when I thought I lost my ticket to get home on the last day, thank Maoam for spares). It’s always great fun when you do anything with really funny friends, so filming was a blasty blast. I did start to lose my mind from the incapability to talk to most of the extras/crew because of a language barrier, so I created a character called Clarissa. Clarissa is a 52 year old, 4ft 9 lady with a degree in mathematics but has been forced to become my assistant/carer (“I will trip him up for you master, anything for you master”). As well as Kevin, a creepy dopey man with the voice of The Moon from The Mighty Boosh. I can’t imagine how I’ll do from 13 weeks on set (probably lose my mind further and start licking palms), but I am looking forward to it. I got to improvise loads and button up scenes quite a lot. More on that and the incredibly sweet French fans on another blog! (On the ticket story, turns out I had put it in my suitcase and didn’t think to check there. I know.)

Celebrity Bitchslap News
Well, what can I say about this crazy programme. It’s a 20 minute spoof gossip show by BAFTA winning Alison Jackson. I was lucky to be chosen as a co-host alongside ze gorgeous Pips Taylor and Minnie Stephenson. It came out alongside 6 other shows for the Feed Me Funny Exclusives for BBC
Comedy Online.

It’s cool to be doing pilots alongside Rich Fulcher (who is in WTF), Boy with Tape on his Face and the Dawson Brothers. Along with Marek Larwood and Carl Donnelly who are in Impractical Jokers. Not that I'm saying the others that I haven't mentioned aren't talented, it's just those are the people that I know of and like. If you got a problem with that, get in line with the metaphorical Lion I may or may not fight (or train to become my transportation).

Here’s a clip from Celebrity Bitchslap News to wet your appetite. And yes, it may contain bums.

It was good fun to do and the response has been fantastic from family, friends as well as the media. Here are just a few by the Daily Mail, The Sun and Gay Star News.

I may of mentioned it before (I sure have to my friends and family in a moment of uncontrollable pride). But this picture has been a goal of mine for a while.

The goal of course was for me to say the line "Sean to improvise something"
I have replied to most of the twitter comments with nice replies, as I’m a peace keeper! And they replied back with nice things as well, as they are humans with thoughts and opinions to which they are entitled to. The Daily Mail comments (god bless them) are quite funny as well. Gandalf, that's all I'm saying!

Also, something I never actually thought would happen for at least a few years happened, I as well as Pipsie were on the BBC Iplayer homepage!

How crazy is that! And yes, every photo has me in midsentence

If you want to say "nice one" or "good work" or "anything". It really should go to Alison, who was the creator and much deserveth of many nice things said to her as possible. As well as the crew that worked on it, they were hilarious and professional, I’m incredibly happy to of worked with them!
You can also say give praise to Pips and Minnie, but say I sent you (for brownie points purposes). OK you can say them to me as well, you don’t have to be so insistent! I don’t know if we are going to series yet, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Final Bits and Bobs Worth Mentioning

Trust Us With Your Life
New Impro show by Mark Leveson and Dan Patterson featuring most of the old gang from Whose Line is it Anyway US. It's worth checking out!

Web Series Idea
I'm currently negotiating the idea of doing a tiny web series made up of small 2-6 minute episodes. Will need an actress with comedy capabilities (playing age of 18-23). If you know anyone who can do such a thing, get them in contact with me or direct their CV and Headshot to

Sound Cloud Brown Mound
I have been thinking about doing this idea since I did the 30 day project blog. This idea, is to record myself reading the blogs in a kind of, podcast format. I understand that people either don't have time or just can't be asked to read a huge quantity of writing. I myself am guilty to writing a lot and then slowly losing the will to read it myself! So in doing this, I can maximize the information put out to you while also lessening the demands put to you.

Anyway, thank you very much for reading and supporting me. I do love you so! I hope you have a good week, no matter what week you're reading this on! If you need me, find me on Twitter!

P.S I’d highly recommend the other shows that are available (after watching Celebrity Bitchslap News of course). They are genius! All available on the Feed Me Funny link and here!

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