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About Two Housemates, Some Girls Series 2, Established and more.

Hello all! I hope you’ve been keeping well. 

In this day and age, it is becoming easier and easier to make your own stuff without huge financial investment. With reasonably cheap yet great quality cameras, willing participants and the understanding of story telling, you can really produce some fantastic stuff. Yes, of course it won’t be the greatest quality in comparison to Hollywood but, you shouldn’t have to compare it to the pinnacle, not just yet anyway. It’s all about the experience and having fun! Well, I say that, making it good enough to be proud of is also a huge goal.

So, to talk about something I’m proud of that I’ve made, LOOK AT MY NEW BABY! Kidding, sort of. As many of you are aware of (as I don’t stop talking about it), I’ve been making a show with my good buddy Ryan Watson called ‘Two Housemates’. The reason why I bring it up is because I wanted to show you all a few photos and to say how it’s all going!

The Basis of Two Housemates
The show is an absurd comedy about an introverted actor called Ryan, who is denying his own loneliness even though his friends and family are constantly mentioning it (not based on me, I know I'm lonely... Ladies). As a way to help  pay for the increase in rent, Ryan’s Mother (who is also the one raising the rent), gives Ryan a new housemate. The quirky, happy go lucky, Kate (played by the lovely Lucy Chappell). The episodes follow their developing friendship, as she slowly get’s Ryan out of his shell.

I’ve deliberately made the premise simple, as it allows so much more of a playground to the situations that they get themselves in. It is indeed an absurd comedy but, the whole show is played as natural and fast paced as possible. That way, when something truly absurd is happening, it becomes that much more nuts!

We’re making 6 episodes, they’re called (currently).

EP 1. I’m busy, always busy.

EP 2. Getting to know you.

Ep 3. Ma Douce Cousine Jane Francaises

Ep 4. Cecilie’s Big Time Adventure
Ep 5. Dave “The Bear Killer” Johnson

EP 6. The Ghost of Ryan’s Past.

I haven’t put the synopsis for the episodes down yet, as I like to tease you.

We are hoping to be finished filming in early November and it’ll be available to watch on my personal YouTube channel early December!

Quick Talk on the Experience
We’ve done about 9 filming days so far, with another 4 left until it’s all finished! This wasn’t the original plan, we thought we’d only have to do 9. This and so many more learning curves have really made this one of the greatest experiences I could ever have as somebody who wants to be involved in the entertainment business. As an actor, I really have taken everything that has gone into making a show for granted. Of course, it isn’t our job to think about anything other than the role, direction, where the camera is etc. But, as somebody who has been working as an Actor/Creator/Writer/Producer/Casting Director/White Guy for the web series, it's been one hell of an experience. Even though it's a lot of pressure, I'd definitely do it again. Which I will.

A big thank you is due to everyone who has helped out, who has been in the show and who has showed an interest, I really do appreciate the effort you guys have put in and I am eternally grateful!

I also can’t deny how impossible it’d be to make the show without Ryan, the dude has been a brilliant director/editor, I couldn’t ask for anyone better! The amount of stuff that he has to deal with from me is crazy. The daft, funky and sometimes mental ideas that I’ve thrown at Ryan would easily make any other director terrified, with Ryan, the reaction was always “let’s see what we can do”. Well, maybe he responds with a slightly more worried sound but, it always worked out in the end. Guns can be a great motivator. Seriously though, the guy is fantastic!

Other News

Some Girls
Guys! I went to the screening a few weeks back and watched the 1st ep and the 6th ep of the new series. It’s brilliant! They’ve really upped everything in terms of jokes, storyline and acting. Now that the characters have been established after the first series, they can now play in the world in which Bernadette Davis has created. It’s fantastic and I really strongly implore you to watch it! The premiere for Series 2 starts on the 30th of September at 10pm on BBC Three. I make a little cameo in one of the episodes, won’t say which one but, it was fun to film! 

Which is Witch?
I genuinely have no idea what’s happening just yet! I thought I’d mention it, just so it doesn’t come across as forgotten! 

This looks shiny though, doesn't it?

A little project about Crohns with Cecilie
I’m doing a little photography project with the lovely Cecilie Harris on the subject of Crohns Disease in a few weeks time. If you’re interested in male model photography, do look at her website/buy her latest book.

Established Models
On the subject of my face. I’ve actually joined a modeling agency. I’m not a model obviously but, they’ve taken me on as a ‘Special Booking’, which mean’s I’ll juggle at your funeral, or something (kidding).

They’re all really lovely people and I’m very happy to be in their little family!

My Next Writing Project
The next thing I’m currently working on is two shows that intertwine, they’ll be 6x 10 minute episodes (so 12 episodes). The two shows tell the story of twins coping with being away from each other. The two shows are called “Sex with Thomas Jefferson” and “Therapy with  Bray Jefferson”. And that’s all I can tell you!

I just want to say, if you guys ever want to make anything, you should do it. Even if you think it’s impossible, try, it’ll only be impossible if you don’t attempt. 

We can never have enough people expressing their creative ideas.





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