Sunday, 2 June 2013

Series 2 of One on Young, Which is Witch? and Two Housemates.

Well hello!

I hope you’re all well and living life to the full (and other things that those who are trying to be supportive without receiving direct response would say). This blog will be about the second series of my podcast (I’ll also do small updates about 'Which is Witch?', 'Two Housemates' and 'Some Girls' as well).

One on Young
I was genuinely so pleased with how the first series was received that doing a second series was inevitable. The podcast will be coming back on the 6th of June! So, what to expect from this series? FIRE AND BRIMSTONE, YOU SINNERS. Better sound, more guests, more ridiculous games and it’s going to be a whole lot more interactive with you guys. 

And by interactive I mean that I’ll give you a shoulder massage while you listen/will be doing a QNA every podcast. I’ll be answering a few questions during the introduction and if you want, I’ll be asking the guest your questions as well! So, say I announced that Dave will be on the podcast, and if you love Dave, you can send me the question with the demand that you want Dave to answer it. Unless Dave has a restraining order against you, and me asking “how his cat is” would bring up nasty memories for Dave, then, I won’t ask him your question. Here’s an example of how your questions may sound!

“I’ve got a question here from “your twitter name/tumblr name/your actual name” and she asks “does the sound of drowned meowing still haunt your dreams? By the fact that Dave is now in a corner weeping, I’d say yes”.

Also, starting July, I’ll be doing a podcast exclusively for you guys! Every third week I’ll be answering ANY question, I will play ANY game (that requires just one person) and so on! Hell, I might even have an increasingly awkward Skype conversation on air with you!

How can you send in your questions? I hear you say through my listening device, well it’s simple, you just have to convert to the Church of Sean. You can either mention me (@SeanJosephYoung) on Twitter with #AskSeanOOY. Send me a message via my Facebook site, message me on Tumblr or email me at You could also ask me in person, which I will then give you the immediate response of “why are you in my bedroom and how did you get past the dog?”.

So, why don’t you subscribe via iTunes to my podcast before the big DAY (6TH OF JUNE, see what I did there). 

Also, if you’re interested in advertising on the podcast to help me keep it as free as we all felt after finally getting rid of Dave’s cat, email me at

Two Housemates
We start filming my web series on the 7th of June! Ryan and I have done a ridiculous amount of admin in preparation so, filming will feel like a big reward after so much planning. If you’re interested in helping out, in-front or behind camera, do get in contact!

Some Girls
I’m filming the scenes I’m in next week. Very happy to be making a cameo and to see those lovely lovely people.

Which is Witch?
I’ve received my blooper/impro bits and I think they’re awesome. One day I will get permission to show you but, for now, enjoy this behind the scenes video via Max Duhamel.  
Watch out for my incredibly masculine hand sign around the 3 minute mark.

The one with the muscly arms will be my first guest on the podcast (Tim Luxter)! I spent pretty much every day with him for 15 weeks so, imagine the dangerous things we got up to! (We once stayed out until 12 before realizing it’s 12, wild!)
Love you guys x


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